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What is Excellence?

Excellence: a state of being where everything about you represents your best work.

There is a marked difference between excellence and perfection. Perfection implies an absence of flaws whereas excellence recognizes the value of imperfections. It gives the responsibility to the individual and provides a framework for producing results which are of the highest quality possible.
Excellence is found in all areas of life:
• Presentation and style
• Communication
• Quality of work
• AttitudeRelationships
• Thinking patterns
• And so much more!
This tool provides an outline for achievement that will ensure professional success – regardless of background or experience. The four target areas include Presentation, Attitude, Behavior and Affiliation. Mastery of these key areas will lead to increased self-awareness and ultimately – Professional Excellence!
The mission of Excellence by Monica Guzman is to provide coaching services which empower professionals of all backgrounds and skill level. Based on the principles of the “Wheel of Excellence” model, this approach provides a blueprint for professionals to excel in their current role or secure a position which maximizes full potential. With a focus on presentation, attitude, behavior, and affiliation, I strive to develop professionals who produce results for their organization and exemplify the value of EXCELLENCE.
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About Anchor

Who is Monica Guzman

Monica Guzman is an Executive Coach and an organizational development expert with over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit and corporate sectors. Her passion is working with start-ups and companies in the midst of organizational restructuring on leadership development, program design, recruitment, team-building, organizational effectiveness, and operating efficiency. She also provides advisory services to Boards of Directors at companies with a broad range of operating budgets on strategic planning, Board performance, recruitment, and corporate structuring.

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Monica Guzman
Ms. Guzman is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of personal branding and leadership development.
Transform Your Career or Business
Achieve Excellence Here!